About Us

Japanisch – Liechtensteinische Gesellschaft is a private society founded in 1976 for the purpose of friendship with Principality of Liechtenstein located between Switzerland and Austria.

Membership in the Gesellschaft is open to individuals and corporates interested in the cause of Japan – Liechtenstein relationship. Please see “Administration” for further information.


One of the signatures of Japanisch – Liechtensteinische Gesellschaft is the activity in Principality of Liechtenstein not only in Japan. In the case of other friendship societies, there are organizations in each country, like Japanisch – Deutsche Gesellschaft and Deutsch – Japanische Gesellschaft.

Meanwhile, in Liechtenstein with only 36 thousand populations Liechtensteinisch – Japanische Geselleschaft is not workable. In order to make up for it, we Japanisch – Liechtensteinische Gesellschaft conduct the project like “Invitation of young people to Japan” and others in Liechtenstein.


Principality of Liechtenstein has not established her embassy in Japan and the embassy of Switzerland is covering Liechtenstein’s consular services. Also Liechtenstein has not set up “Chamber of commerce in Japan” like Germany or Switzerland. In 1996, Japan and Principality of Liechtenstein entered diplomatic relations however we Japanisch – Liechtensteinische Gesellschaft has built a foundation for friendship 20 years before it.


Although there is significant difference in terms of population size between Japan and Liechtenstein, we can find many similarities e.g. constitutional monarchy, stable politics and economy.

Sincere attention to Liechtenstein and corporation for us are highly appreciated.