In January 11th, 2011, Prince of Liechtensteinn, Hans Adam II decorated our Honorary Chairman Mr. Nobuyuki Ueda with Komturkreuz for his contributions to the relationship between Japan and Principality of Liechtenstein. Mr. Ueda is first and only one Japanese to receive a decoration from Liechtenstein.

Ordensverleihung an Nobuyuki Ueda, Ehrenpräsident der Gesellsch

Liechtenstien newspaper, Vaterland and Volksblatt,, reported the article on January 12th. The contents of both reports were likely to base on the publication from Princely house of Liechtenstein.

Summery of the articles is followed.


Decoration from the Prince

On January 11th, the Prince Hans Adam II held the ceremony at Vaduz Castle for decoration on Mr. Nobuyuki Ueda. Mr. Ueda received Liechtenstein Komturkreuz from the Prince. He had been at the position of the chairman of Japanisch Liechtensteinische Gesellschaft for a long time and contributed to the relationship between Japan and Liechtenstein. In 2010, he was appointed as Honorary Chairman of the Gesellschaft.

Picture, from left, Princess Mary, Mr. Nobuyuki Ueda, and Prince Hans Adam II